‘No Games’ Sign in Atrium Has Peculiar Background

The Atrium at Seattle Central is the bustling epicenter for the Broadway Edison building, from activist tabling to drum circles, there is no shortage of stimulus to process. A recent visit to the atrium turned up a peculiar discovery, a sign reading ‘no games’.


No games?/NCC

The no-smoking styled sign features board games with a red line drawn through them. The strangely located placard actually harkens back to an older time at the campus and not to fret, you can continue playing your games.

Here are some details that Campus Public Information Officer, Janet Grimley, dug up for us on the Monopoly forbidding sign:

It appears the sign has been there for years and years and goes back to the days before laptops, smart phones, etc.  when high school students would hang out, play games and disrupt the college students with their noise. The college once hosted an alternative high school so had younger teens in the building.

Grimley adds that the sign will be taken down. New City Collegian has expressed interest in acquiring the sign, because, ya know, journalists often get distracted playing Clue.

What do you think?

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