Conversations on Social Issues | Journalism in The 21st Century (Video)

SCCC Library Poster/SCCC

SCCC Library Poster/SCCC

In cooperation with the Seattle Central Community College Library we’re proud to share their ongoing library series, ‘Conversations on Social Issues’. The SCCC library holds the event weekly at 12 p.m. on Thursdays covering relevant and sometimes controversial topics affecting society.

To kick off the quarter the library drew up a mean lede with their first presentation entitled, “The New Front Page: 21st Century Journalism, and What It Means for You.” The talk was presented by current Seattle Central Communications Specialist, Claudia Rowe who was a writer for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer before it’s print collapse, and also worked with The New York Times. This particular presentation was also sponsored by Humanities Washington.

She opens the talk with a stat which lists being “a reporter” as the 5th worst of 200 possible jobs in the United States, ouch. Despite the grim outlook for writers she says a need for quality journalism has never been higher, yay. This upcoming Thursdays event is entitled, ‘The Two-Party System: Is It Good for Democracy?” and will be held in Library room A.

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