Selected Demolition of Childcare Center Begins Tonight

Contractors Biding time/NCC

Contractors Biding Time/NCC

The Seattle Central childcare center is currently being retrofitted to accommodate a new international student center on campus, and tonight ‘selected demolition’ begins. At 7 p.m. contractors will begin selected demolition work of the space which is currently cordoned off in the southern part of the Broadway Edison building. The international student center next to Molly Moon on Pine was recently found to be riddled with architectural issues prompting the move to the main campus, no immediate plans have been announced for the soon to be vacant building.

Here are the full details on the selected demolition, and  the work contractors will be undertaking this evening via the office of Facilities and Plants Director, Chuck Davis:

This evening at 7:00pm the contractor is beginning selected demolition work.  Initially this will involve abatement work to ensure that the worksite is asbestos free.  For safety purposes, the construction site will be closed to everyone except the abatement personnel.  Please do not attempt to enter the construction site or knock on the door.  Some of the work may make more noise/vibration than we are normally accustomed to, but this work is a critical step in the completion of the project.  Please report all concerns to the Facilities department during normal hours.  After hours if there is an issue that needs to be brought to the attention of the contractor, please contact the Security Officer on duty.  The contractor is in routine communication with Security.

Childcare Center Closed Off for Rennovations/NCC

Childcare Center Closed Off for Rennovations/NCC

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