Persistent Students Ferret Out Floor Plans For New International Center

Layout Photo/SCCC

Layout Photo/SCCC

An exiguous of English 101 students working on their journalism projects for NCC have been asking Facilities and Plants Director, Chuck Davis for floor plans related to the new international center on campus. Well after a couple of inquires he just sent us the design layouts directly, sorry Chuck, we got some ambitious writers. The selected demolition of the center began on Tuesday initially starting with abatement work to make sure the site is asbestos free.

The below link is a PDF of the above image so you can zoom in and what not. We will be following the construction so stay tuned.

International Education Program Floor Plan A3 1

UPDATE: A faculty tipster pointed out to us that the provided plans are not complete. Here is what they had to say about the plan:

The Institute of English (SCIE) faculty office will be located in the grayed-out area in the lower left corner of the drawings. Construction of this office won’t be started until after the administrative offices are completed this summer. SCIE faculty hope to move in by winter quarter of 2014.

What do you think?

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