Resourceful Burgler(s) Blunder During Attempted Projector Theft

Room of Attempted Theft/Sebastian Garrett-Singh

Room of Attempted Theft/Sebastian Garrett-Singh

An attempted projector theft last weekend continues a trend of campus burglaries which last year tips suggest hit a high for the past five years. More warning signs were thrown up Monday over a separate “suspicious circumstance” which so far is unrelated.

Between 8pm Friday and 8am Saturday someone gained access to a third floor computer lab on the main campus attempting to steal a projector only to fail and flee the scene.  “Their was no signs of forced entry to the room, the projector was not stolen but is not functional due to damage it sustained during the attempt burglary,” says a campus crime report sent out Monday morning. The computer lab is located within the IT section which holds a high percentage of pricy tech goods. Security cameras abound in this part of the school so the blundering thief may have been caught on camera. What makes this attempted theft curious is the time.

The campus closes on Friday at 6pm and doesn’t open until 8am Saturday, by school estimates putting the swindler on campus before it locked up as no forced entry was noted. Tips of additional projector thefts have started to flow in to NCC and many thefts have been reported. According to campus crime reports from 2009-2011 only 7 burglaries occurred at the main campus, while early information suggest 2012 alone will have topped that number and that’s only counting projector theft. We do not have an exact number at this time.

In a separate incident discovered Monday, IT services came across an interesting discovery. “IT has started to find rooms around campus with the door latch/strike being manipulate so they do not function properly (tape across the latch, paper in the strike, etc…),” says the crime report. This occurred in a fourth floor classroom on the main campus. It is not known if the events are related but may explain the relative ease of projector theft lately if so. We also heard about a projector theft in the Science and Math building during late fall quarter. No crime reports for the Science and Math building are currently available so it is not known how burglary has impacted that building.

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