School District Events |The Vagina Monologues at North, Dancing at Central, Wine at South, and More

No Photos For This Article, So Instead Twin Dogs Outside Broadway QFC/Sebastian Garrett-Singh

No Photos For This Article, So Instead Twin Dogs Outside Broadway QFC/Sebastian Garrett-Singh

The school district’s many locations offer students a chance to engage in the community from West Seattle to Shoreline. This month there is no shortage of events and we have found the good ones for you! Take a look at what you can expect from the district through out February:

February 9th-The Vagina Monologues at North Seattle: Tonight the North Seattle Theater Department will be wrapping up their performance of the Vagina Monologues. The event will be held at Stage One Theater (directly under the library) at NSCC at 7:30pm, it is presumably free.

February 10th-North Seattle Kills the Lights: Tomorrow North Seattle will kill the lights for many sections of the campus from 7am to 2pm so a Technical Metering crew can work on fuses. Not that you’ll be on campus at that time, if your an instructor or administrator it’s something to be aware of.

February 11th-South Seattle Tackles Critical Issues: Seattle Central aren’t the only ones bringing social conversations to campus. On Monday South Seattle will hold a roundtable discussion on a subject entitled, “Men of Color and Higher Education.” This is part of a series of social talks on global issues. The event will be held from 12-1pm in the Robert Smith Building, room 30.

February 14th-Cornish Boogies Down at Seattle Central: Cornish College of the Arts will be holding their 2013 dance concert Thursday. The performance will present “an eclectic array of dance styles and viewpoints will be represented, ranging from modern dance to contemporary ballet, jazz and performance art, with some dances performed to live music,” says the Cornish website. Put on by their Bachelors of Fine Arts students the concert will be free but tickets are required beforehand. Concert runs from 8-11pm in the Broadway Performance Hall at SCCC.

February 19th-Internment Camp Reenactment at South Seattle: North Seattle will be presenting a controversial play in the next few weeks. The one woman performance will cover Japanese-Internment during WWII,  Narea Kang of the Living Voices Theater will portray “a teenage girl in Seattle who is taken away to an incarceration camp,” says the events page.  The event will be held from 11-12:30pm in the Jerry Brockey Center at South Seattle Community College.

 February 25th-Seattle Central Jazz Orchestra in Belltown: Seattle Central guitar instructor Lonnie Mardis, will be kicking out the jams at Tula’s Restaurant and Nightclub later this month with some local students in-tow. The Seattle Central Community College Jazz Orchestra will be laying down licks with Mardis, at what should be a swinging time towards the end of the month.  The event starts at 7:30 with a $5 admission.

2214 Second Ave., Seattle, WA, 98109 (206) 443-4221

Recurring Events:

Tuesday-Fridays All Quarter-Fine Dining at Seattle Central: Seattle Central’s award winning culinary academy offers fine dining on campus through the Square One Bistro and World One restaurants. $4.50 for a mozzarella, fontina, and goat cheese pizza, the price is right my friend! Here are the scrumptious details and times you can stop  by:

Square One Bistro Menu (PDF)

One World Menu (PDF)

The hours are Tuesday–Friday (11:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.) Located west of atrium cafeteria.

Every Thursday and Friday Through Quarter-South Seattle Wine Tastings: Presented by the Northwest Wine Academy, every Thursday and Friday this quarter they will be holding wine tastings to tickle the pallet with the latest vintage. The decanters will also include some alumnus wines as well. The tastings are held from 1-4pm in the Northwest Wine Academy Tasting room (yes South Seattle has a tasting room!)

Until March 2nd-Next to Normal, Play on Capitol Hill: The Balagan Theater will be presenting their play “Next to Normal” out of the Erickson Theater (owned by Seattle Central Community College). The cost is $20-25 but students only have to pay $5.  The play is an “award-winning rock musical drama, in which a woman and her family try to cope with mental illness,” says the Balagan site. Show times vary so call ahead.

If you think we have missed an event feel free to contact us at:

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